About us

We are eager to tell you much more about us

BIOGRAFIE is a clothing brand providing customizable knitwear through an innovative on-demand configuration and production process, eliminating waste in the creation of garments.

It is no secret

that basically, all clothing is being made today with the same processes used all the way back to 60 years ago.

Mass production is a cheap production method, but it also leads to overproduction, lots of waste, and unethical working efforts.

We have taken a different approach based on our 3 core principles.

On-demand production

We do not mass-produce, making each garment on an on-demand basis instead. We have no stocks or warehouses filled with unsold garments, because if any garment is not needed, it will simply not be produced.


Each garment is customized for each of our customers. Every shape and detail is carefully considered in order to put quality and fit always first.

Made in Italy by us

Our garments are produced by our exceptionally skilled company in Italy, with absolute attention to quality and uncompromised research on each stage of the production process, all the way from raw materials to the finished garment.

Buy online or in Boutique

You may purchase our products both online and at our franchise Boutiques, where you can try out our precious garments and decide to either buy immediately or request a custom one. You will then get to choose on whether to pick it up in the Boutique within 5 to 7 days or request it to be comfortably shipped to your home.